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Jimmy's V-Twins is Orange County's best choice for affordable and reliable scheduled maintenance for Harley Davidson® motorcycles. For almost 15 years, Jimmy's V-Twins owner and factory-trained Harley technician, James Stoller, has been servicing motorcycles to keep them in superior shape.

At Jimmy's V-Twins, we understand that riding a motorcycle is one of life's greatest pleasures, but it is also a major responsibility. One of the most crucial and often overlooked aspects of motorcycle ownership is making sure your bike is regularly serviced and cared for. Properly maintaining your bike not only protects your warranty, but it greatly enhances your bike's performance while lessening the chance of unexpected problems like mechanical breakdowns and safety issues. For the best results, Harley Davidson® recommends that their bikes be scheduled at 1K, 5K and then every 5,000 miles after that.

Our 1K and 5K services involve changing all the fluids, lubing and adjusting all cables, checking the tire pressure, tightening all main fasteners, checking the charging system and battery, re-torquing the spokes, checking all gauges, cleaning the air filter, checking the lights, and going completely over the bike with a free courtesy inspection. Our 10K service includes all aspects of the 1K and 5K services, but also includes replacing the spark plugs, changing the fork fluid, and readjusting the neck bearings. Additionally, we offer an oil change special and an all-fluids change that includes lubing and adjusting the clutch as well as changing the primary fluid, motor oil, and transmission fluid.

Call or visit Jimmy's V-Twins today to learn about how we can help you develop the best scheduled service and maintenance plan for your Harley Davidson motorcycle. We are open Tuesdays through Fridays from 9am - 6pm and Saturdays from 9am - 4pm, and provide free pick-up and drop-off anywhere in Orange County.

Jimmy's V-Twins: Recommended Maintenance Schedule and Service Intervals

Engine Oil/Filter Replace Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tires Pressure Check / Tread Inspection Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Oil Lines / Fuel Lines / Brake System Check for Leaks / Replace Fluid Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wheel Spokes Check / Tighten Yes Yes No No Yes
Air Cleaner Inspect / Service Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Throttle, brake, clutch controls Check / Adjust / Lubricate Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Primary chaincase lubricant Replace Yes No Yes No Yes
Clutch Adjustment Check / Adjust Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Transmission Fluid Replace (Always Inspected) Yes No Yes No Yes
Spark Plugs Replace (Always Inspected) No No Yes No Yes
Brake Pads and Discs Replace if Worn (Always Inspected) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Brake Fluid Check Levels and Condition Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rear Belts and Sprockets Inspect and Adjust Belt Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Steering head bearings Tighten Yes No Yes No Yes
Electrical equipment and switches Inspect Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Engine Mount and Stabilizer Links Tighten No No Yes No Yes
Jiffy Stand Inspect and Lubricate Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Exhaust system Inspect Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


"I went to two dealerships and three shops before I was lucky enough to find Jimmy's V twins he spent the time to really pay attention to my bike and figure out what was really wrong with it not only is he a nice guy but he is one hell of a mechanic you know when you take your bike somewhere and they only fix what you ask them to. And if there are other problems he likes to show you and explain the problem. You will have peace of mind that not only is he going to fix the problem correctly the first time but he's going to ride it and guarantee that the bike is in great running order when you pick it up. Whether it's Harley Davidson metric Victory or your ATV Jimmy's V twins gives you that personal touch you've been looking for and the price isn't bad either I would recommend Jimmy's V twins to anyone.

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