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Come to Jimmy's V-Twins for expert Harley Davidson® motor and transmission repairs and rebuilds. Head mechanic and owner, James Stoller, runs a full-service motorcycle repair shop that specializes in Harley Big Twins, Twin Cams, and Sportsters. Thoroughly trained by Harley Davidson, James has the extensive knowledge and industry experience needed to diagnose and repair your Harley engine and transmission, allowing for a more enjoyable and safer ride. We pride ourselves on providing trustworthy, affordable bike repair services with factory-authorized OEM parts and quality workmanship for long-lasting, reliable results.

Whether you hear grinding, rattling, whining, clicking, clunking, or humming, it's time to take your Harley to Jimmy's V-Twins for a thorough inspection. We'll diagnose the issues and recommend the most cost-effective solution. If it's your transmission, we'll accurately determine if it requires a fluid flush or a complete rebuild. Our transmission rebuild service involves removing the inner transmission gearbox; replacing all the bearings; inspecting all the shift boards and gears; replacing any damaged seals, gears, gaskets, or other parts as needed; putting in new fluid; and then test driving it for several miles to make sure there are no noises and that everything shifts properly. If the trouble is with your motor, we take the time to precisely identify where the noise is coming from. Often it is from the cam or the cam tensioners being worn out, but could also be from a bad crankshaft, piston and rings, oil pump, or carburetor.

No matter what the problem is, we will offer our honest recommendation and provide expert service. As a courtesy to our Orange County clients, we offer a free pickup and drop off service for your convenience. Call us today to get an estimate, or to make an appointment for an inspection. We are open Tuesdays through Fridays from 9am to 6pm, and Saturdays from 9am to 4pm.


"Jimmy's v twins has been working on my bike for approx 7 yrs. His work is always clean and on time. Jimmy makes sure . . .

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